The 2009 Land Use and Transportation Plan contains a section on Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning.  Changes have occurred and this page offers recommends relative to this plan.

Proposed Paved Shoulders
    Jenkins Road is a very popular route for bicyclists.  Longview Drive due to its steep elevation change is not.  Motor traffic on this road is light.

Existing Multi-Use Path
     Not shown on the plan is the Sumner County Greenway Trail connecting with Long Hollow Pike at the north running south for about a mile along Station Camp Creek before crossing and connecting with Lower Station Camp Rd.

Proposed Multi-Use Path
    The plan shows a trail the runs along Station Camp Creek.  It would be an extension of Sumner County's Station Camp Creek Greenway.  However, since the trail run through a rock quarry, it is not likely to be an attractive setting.
     It also shows a section north of Long Hollow Pike.  With absence of obvious connections it not likely to see much bike use.

Proposed Multi-Use Path and Wide-Outside Lanes
    Saundersville Rd is popular with local bicyclists and pedestrians who use the road's narrow shoulder.  It is a key connector between multi-use trails in Henderson- ville,  Sumner County, and Gallatin.

     The Saudersville Road improvements suggested in the Plan are highly recommended.
     Other Plan improvements on Jenkins Rd and Proposed Multi-Use paths are unnecessary for the foreseeable future.
     No improvements are needed on Longview Dr.

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