On February 29, 2016, the Hendersonville Bike/Ped Committee submitted a comprehensive report for bikeways and greenway trails in North-Central Hendersonville. Because of significant developments in this region of the City, major changes from that detailed below are described. A copy of that report can be accessed here.

The 2009 Land Use and Transportation Plan contains a section on Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning.  Changes have occurred and this page offers recommends relative to this plan.

Existing Striped Bike Lanes
     Wessington Place is improperly identified a having striped bike lanes.  The road is striped but is dangerous due to deep sewer drains within a substandard-width lane.

Proposed Striped Bike Lanes
     Contrary to the plan Old Shackle and Drakes Creek roads cannot be striped for bike lanes. They are too narrow, have no shoulder, and have heavy motor traffic.
     The plan shows an anticipated extension of Drakes Creek road north of Anderson road in the anticipated Durham Farms PUD.

Proposed Paved Shoulder
    Long Hollow Pike is an arterial and already has a paved shoulder.
    Center Point road, north of Goshentown road, is frequently used for bike traffic and a paved shoulder is suitable for projected levels of motor and bike usage.

Proposed Wide Outside Lane
    New Shackle (SR258) is the major north-south road in Hendersonville. It has heavy motor traffic, which discourages bike/ped use.  It is on the STIP for widening. WO lanes is the minimum improvement necessary.  It is a great candidate for bike lanes.

Existing Multi-use Path
    Hendersonville Greenway is a very popular alternate route for bike/ped traffic.  It needs continued development. Scotch Steet, however as shown on the plan, does not have a multi-use path.

Proposed Multi-use Path
    The hope is to extend the Hendersonville Greenway as shown on the plan along Drakes Creek. Active Transportation (AT) grant money is available, but a local match is not.
    The plan also shows an extension to Saundersville Road.  With the current commercial development in this area AT grant money and a local match is possible.

Proposed Multi-used Path and Wide Outside Lanes
    Because Goshentown and Stop 30 are popular east-west routes with both motor and bike traffic and is expected to have considerable development, special planning such as "Complete Streets" is necessary. 

    The Preferred Bike Route, shown below, is based on near-term traffic condi- tions.  A huge safety problem exists at the crossing of Vietnam Vets Blvd (VVB).  The long term plan that extends the greenway under VVB and along Drake's Creek to Stop 30 solves this problem.
    The Alternate Bike Route, shown below, solves this dangerous VVB crossing.
    Goshentown/Stop 30 (not highlighted below) is a major east-west route for bicyclists and shouldt be planned as a "Complete Street" with safe access for motor, bike, and pedestrian traffic.

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