The 2009 Land Use and Transportation Plan contains a section on Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning.  Changes have occurred and this page offers recommends relative to this plan.

Proposed Striped Bike Lanes
     Contrary to the plan nearly all the roads identified in this group are too narrow to be striped for bike lanes. Except for short distances on Walton Ferry, which has a sidewalk, these roads are also unsuitable for pedestrian use.  Except for Rockland, they have little room to build out a shoulder. Costs would be prohibitive to make these roads suitable for bike/ped traffic and should be removed from this classification.

1) Walton Ferry: Low bike use due to heavy traffic. 
2) Sanders Ferry: Bike use is minimal due to moderately heavy traffic. 
3) Luna: Suitable for bike use due to light traffic, but reclassified as a Local Road
4) Rockland: Dangerous for bike use due to heavy fast traffic.  It has adequate space to improve shoulders for addition of bike lane.  However, nearby Gallatin Rd is a better alternative.  

RECOMMENDATION: Bike traffic should be directed to the Preferred Bike Route as shown below.  Although these roads cannot be striped for reasons noted above, they experience very little motor traffic  A low priority option would be to sign this route for "Shared Use"

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