Friday, March 4, 2016

March Update From Fred Rogers

     Thanks for passing along this information from Leslie.  More importantly, thanks for the North Central Hendersonville Bike/Ped Plan.  I can see that a substantial amount of effort was involved in the development of this plan.  In light of this effort as well as the expertise of you and your group we will study this document very closely as we move forward with the provision of bike and pedestrian accommodations in this growing and evolving area of the City. We will probably want to meet with you after we have had a chance to thoroughly review your Plan and to compare with our ideas for this area. 
     We are also in the planning mode for the Saundersville Rd corridor.  As development extends eastward from the library, we are requiring the developers to extend the trail/greenway along the railroad.  It will soon connect to Stop 30 Rd.  East of Stop 30 Rd, the developer of Bridgemill is constructing the greenway.  Ultimately, it will extend all the way to 386.  The developer of Millstone will soon construct a bike/ped trail all along the Saundersville Rd frontage of this development. The County is expected to start construction of a bike trail from the Lower Station Camp Creek Rd greenway over the creek and along the TVA easement to Cannons Crossing Dr. in Saundersville Station Saundersville Station Subdivision. We are developing plans to connect this segments. 
     Also, FYI, we have asked Rogers Group to construct a trail along the creek from Lower Station Camp Creek Rd just south of the railroad to Gallatin Pike.  This will allow bicyclists using the Lower Station Camp Creek Rd greenway to by-pass the Rogers Group plant and other intensive activities on this section of Lower Station Camp Creek Rd.
    One more FYI, the Sanders Ferry project is making good progress.  We hope to advertise for construction late this spring or early summer.  
Fred D. Rogers, Director
Hendersonville Planning Department

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