Sunday, July 16, 2017

Safety Issues - June 2017

GREENWAYS (Safety Issues)

  • The worsening safety problem on the geo-tube - See Brian Wray’s review, which you will find posted on our website.  
  •  Bruce Day has also brought the following problem. Gateway on the Drakes Creek Greenway.  The issue is most bicyclists will attempt the turn without dismounting and in the process many run into these obstacles.
Lower Station Camp
  • David Hardin – What are the plans to provide SAFE crossing of the Greenway Trail over Bison Road?  With several roads converging on the most likely crossing it is likely to be a danger.  David has asked but no one has offered an answer.
NEW SHACKLE ROAD  (David Hardin) Section of road completed with Wide Outside Lanes and side paths
  • Signed for “Share the Road”, but current 40-mph speed limit too fastToo many egresses are even hazardous for auto traffic at current speed limits (We have witnessed several near collisions as cars speed down from bridge over 386.). This entire section of road is not suitable for bicycle use, need to stay on side-path
FOREST RETREAT ROAD (David Hardin) (between Glen Oaks SC and Hunt Lane)
  • Road in bad need of repair not suitable for current heavy traffic. 
  • Issue: Why wasn’t the Shopping Center developers required to improve this road and what do we need to do to mitigate such problems in the future?

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