Thursday, June 21, 2018

Where to Run Saundersville Greenway

With the completion of the Station Camp Greenway connection to Canons Crossing in Hendersonville, it is now the job of Hendersonville to connect it to the greenway accessing Hendersonville Public Library. Hendersonville's Bike/Ped Committee (retired 2019) has started its physical review of options for that trail.  Three options listed below are the initial locations for that trail.  However, as the physical survey progresses, the Committee anticipates additional options will become apparent.  Interested in contributing to this recommendation?  Submit a comment.

Here are the preliminary DRAFT routes (in no particular order):

Mayor Clary has asked for suggestions for the routing on the Saundersville Greenway from the Library to Millstone.  Our initial consideration is to try to find something that was mostly off-road. Although we have discussed using subdivision roads as a possibility, we thought to try to find a way to avoid roads as much as possible.

Another issue is a trail option crossing 386 and the huge traffic problem around Winston Hills Pkwy. This area awaits resolution (with CSX railroad) and a method that would permit safe transit for pedestrians and bicyclists.

The Committee walked the EAST side of Saundersville Rd last year (2106 CMAQ Grant application) and found the construction of a greenway on that side likely to be very expensive due to landscaping costs and pre-built environment.  Consequently, on initial physical surveys, we shall stay on the WEST side of Saundersville Road or away from the NEAR east-edge of Saundersville road.

The mayor asked for ideas “from the library to Millstone,” but with the eventual goal to connect up with the Station Camp Greenway terminus at Canons Crossing.  We shall sketch what “might work” all the way to Canons Crossing.

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