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From: Bikers Choice Sent: December 29, 2015
I have a few idea/opportunities and would like to run them by you.
From Alderman Scout Sprouse:
·         Sanders Ferry Peninsula project has been cleared and should be underway soon.
·         New "sharrows" were put in on Luna lane.   

  • Working with Waterford Crossing to Greenway/Bikeway connect Imperial to Lakeside allowing connectivity to the new Boardwalk. I have already talked with their developer and he is interested.  
  • Working on a bridge design to go over Gallatin rd at Memorial Park into Drakes Creek. My survey of 10 to 15 people locals love the idea. I have examples
  • Adding a rumble strip to the existing bike lane on Gallatin Rd East to protect the bike lane??
  • Painting bike lanes on Gallatin rd west, in front of my store.  
  • Bikeway signage on Indian lake loop?? Bike to School Program (Ellis Middle)
  • Bikeway connectivity to Durham Farms,  Update.
  • Warrior Trail Signage(parks is a go, just need a good plan

From: Tom Evans Sent: December 31, 2015
1) I am disappointed to learn that the Sanders Ferry Greenway is only going to Imperial Blvd.  The most significant need are the three water crossings.  However, I expected these water-crossings would be budget-busters.   However, it is good that the City at least starts somewhere.

2) The TDOT 95% Grant money was for $1 Million and your bridge idea over Gallatin could have qualified for funding.  However, I am concerned about the politics of the idea and think it needs a LOT more citizen input before you can get Hendersonville City Hall on-board.

3) For painting projects like the bicycle stripes in from of your store, you need to watch plans for road improvement/maintenance.  If bundled in this job the city gets them for free.  However, this striping can be included in future Active transportation Grants from the MPO.  This is 80/20 money; so, if is going to have to get on some Hendersonville “wish list.”  Very important is that whenever bike lanes be added to Gallatin Rd they be done according to TDOT TM-11 specification

4) Some of the Indian Lake Loop has “Share the Road” signs, if that is what you are requesting.  They were erected as a result of requests from the Walk/Bike Review Committee established by Mayor Fuqua under a 2003 Ordinance. Many have been vandalized and at least one has been removed.  For Bike to School programs, those are best established through Parent/Teacher Associations.  You are in the best position to have the appropriate contact to petition for that.

5)  Bikeway connectivity to Durham Farms.  Yes, an update would be timely.  Back in the 2007 we were putting our focus on extending the Greenway along Drakes Creek from Veterans Park all the way to Long Hollow Pike.  This brings up another Bike/Ped issue. 

6) I am not sure what Warrior Trail signage that you want.  I am more concerned about the inadequate signage in terms of safety at the Greenway crossing on Saundersville Road.  For proper identification all the City needs to do is look at what was done for the Lower Station Camp crossing at the bridge. 

From: Bruce Day Sent: January 03, 2016

David, Thank you for your continued work toward improving cycling conditions in Hendersonville. Comments:
1. Do not add rumbles to protect the marked bike lanes on Gallatin Rd east (East main) unless the existing rumbles can be paved over.

2. Re-stripe Imperial to remove the center turn lane and add bike lanes to each side.

3. Paint sharrows and place "Bikes may use entire Right Lane" signs along the squeeze on Main Street from Sanders Ferry to New Shackle Island Road.

4. Traffic calming on the entirety of Sanders Ferry road. It can begin by strict and consistent enforcement of current speed limit but could also have road crossings like those on Lower Station Camp Road greenway crossing at Imperial and perhaps from Nottingham to Mallard Point.   Sidewalks along Sanders Ferry would be very nice.

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