Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Long Hollow Pike Corridor Study

During the past year there has been a great deal of discussion at both the Sumner County Planning commission as well as at the meetings of the full County Commissioners about what direction development ought to take along the Long Hollow Pike Corridor.  

The issues most discussed have been how to deal with or plan for
  • Storm water flooding 
  • Traffic congestion
  • Density of new housing developments
  • Desired quality of life improvements, such as multimodal streets, greenways, walk/bike ways to schools, parks, businesses, etc.
The County Commission has recently approved funding and selected and the Walker Collaborative to assist with developing the vision as well as proposing zoning and infrastructure guidelines for this corridor.  Attached is a copy of their bid proposal.  This was provided by Dr. Bill Taylor to citizens in subdivisions along Long Hollow Pike that have been active in the discussions.  Dr. Taylor, with help and input from several other Commissioners, has taken the lead to thoughtfully plan for rather than merely react to the continued high rate of development in this part of Sumner County.  

You will see that multimodal projects are mentioned but more in passing than deliberate.  It seems to me that Hendersonville, Sumner County and surrounding communities ought to be coordinating development and infrastructure improvements.  But perhaps that is asking too much.

Nevertheless, I want to make you aware of this planning effort.  I certainly will try to convey how important this corridor is for runners, walkers, and especially cyclists.  But challenge do we develop more safe, connected and ridable bikeways?

Dave Shumaker,

David,  thanks for your email. 

I happy and excited to inform all of you that we are moving on with the planning of the Long Hollow Pike area that you mentioned in your email. Last week, the County Commission voted to appropriate up to $160,000 to fund this stage of planning. This week,we selected the firm of Walker and Associates to begin the planning  process (the Proposal).  This is a new progressive step in Sumner County that has never been taken before, but as we all know is imperative.  Please thank your commissioners for making this happen.

Philip Walker, with the Walker Collaborative  has 2 masters from Uni of Fla and Harvard,  will be leading the effort (attached is his presentation to us).  His team will have architects, economists, transportation experts, and civil engineers all working together to develop a plan for the growth area of Sumner County.  In addition, he will be asking for many of the local residents for their input before the plan is ever finalized.  Everyone will have the opportunity to participate and be heard.  His team also will help us update the county’s current and outdated zoning regulations to help us plan our growth.  This entire process may take 6-12 months but in the end, we all will be pleased with the results.

I am confident that with proper planning, we can help direct the growth of Sumner County in a manner that will make us proud and hopefully avoid the problems that result from poor or no planning. 

F. William Taylor DDS,MS

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